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Welcome to JNJ Electrics

JNJ Electrics offers the full suite of services plus it also has long standing partnerships with industry-specific experts, ensuring ready access to niche specialist suppliers.

Our Electrical Service Categories

Routine Maintenance
Reactive & Emergency Services
Capital Works

Critical factors underpinning all services are:

  • The appropriate delivery approach for both the size and type of job
  • Comprehensive job management and tracking systems
  • Detailed testing, data gathering, and backup processes for compliance reporting
  • Partnerships with Speciality Suppliers of systems such as Emergency and Exit Lighting, Custom Switchboards, UPS and Lightning Protection.
  • A fully Licensed, Accredited and Trained team

Routine Maintenance

Services in this category include regular, scheduled, periodic or ongoing works, generally of a similar type or nature to meet minimum operational and safety standards. Routine Maintenance is a vital safeguard to ensuring the day-to-day smooth operations of service delivery to community and customers. It includes:


Reactive and Emergency Services

An unplanned or emergency service is a response to an unforeseen failure of an item, component, or piece of equipment. The impact of faults may range from inconvenient to hazardous and life threatening. Critical success factors that ensure JNJ Electrics consistently deliver in Reactive and Emergency Services are:


Capital (Project) Works

Capital Works projects encompass services to upgrade or install electrical equipment, accessories, and wiring to improve a client’s asset. JNJ Electrics has the know-how and wide experience in managing and delivering electrical and data services for large scale capital works projects.

Delivering Capital Works projects on-time and within budget is paramount. Key factors contributing to our success in Capital Works delivery are:

  • Efficient project management and tracking systems [of our team and resources, including JNJ Plumbing where required] and
  • Effective communication, interaction, and co-ordination with other onsite trades.

Setting us apart from competitors is our extensive project experience in diverse arenas such as:

Project Experience Licences, Accreditation & Training

Detailed Capability Statement on JNJ Electrics is available on request by email.