JNJ Group Services

Welcome to JNJ Group Services

In 1998 Jeff Trembath assembled the team that launched as JNJ Electrics with the commitment to providing the highest quality electric services to key Government, infrastructure and public facilities, so vital to a prosperous Victorian community.

In 2022 JNJ Group Services added JNJ Plumbing to the JNJ offer, to also provide our customers with the full suite of Plumbing services to the same level of excellence and efficiency that we have always been trusted to deliver. The ability to co-ordinate both services jointly, provides even greater efficiencies.

Our core philosophy, as true today as it was in 1998, is to offer a style of service that gives our clients the confidence and surety that the job will be done to the highest standard, on time, every time while safeguarding valuable assets.

Three overarching values have underpinned our 25 years of service excellence:

Maintaining an acute focus on understanding the customer’s needs – listening, gathering information, looking for opportunities to go-the-extra-mile in identifying value adding improvements and future-proofing assets.

Building the best team – employing and training the right people who fully embrace our company values, always seeking to go beyond the ordinary, creating trusted partnerships focused on the best solutions to meet the customer’s immediate and long-term priorities

Instilling a disciplined structure of core business values, processes and systems – in policies, documentation, procedures and information systems that best serve our customers but retain the flexibility to deliver tailored solutions for specific needs.

View the Sectors We Serve, Licences, Accreditation and Training and Projects demonstrating the lived vision of JNJ Group Services.

Sectors We Serve

Consistent with our mission to contribute at the highest standard in our community while safeguarding vital assets, JNJ Group Services direct-to-client and consultancy mix encompasses three sectors. We choose to serve this mix because of the important contribution each makes to our society – their purpose, values and essential service role:

Healthcare and Emergency Services

Hospitals, Fire, Police, Ambulance, Aged Care, Defence

Public Infrastructure

Public Transport, Communications, Delivery Services, Cultural and Entertainment Venues

Community – Utilised Commercial

Banking, Petroleum, Shopping Centers

Because JNJ Group Services is structured to specialise in these key sectors, clients reap the benefits, accessing a superior package of service delivery:

  • A comprehensive suite of maintenance and contracting services to major clients Victoria wide.
  • In-depth skills and experience in a range of industries and specialised contracting, provides a superior level of expertise, professionalism and accountability compared to other less focused providers.
  • Customised systems designed for unique needs enhance efficiencies, sustainability and asset protection as a result of long-term trusted partnerships in specialty sectors.

Licences, Accreditation and Training

JNJ Group Services is committed to, and proactive in ensuring it is fully certified in all service areas. The welfare of our staff, our customers’ employees, the public and the environment drives our continuous investment in training and accreditation. The following current lists of licences, accreditations and training for Electrics and Plumbing demonstrate the breadth of skills residing in our teams.

Our Policies

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety

Incorporated in 1998, during a time when trades were renowned for being notoriously unreliable, JNJ Electrics (our first trade service) was formed to provide a new style of service that gave our clients the confidence and surety that the job would get done to a level that exceeded client expectations every time.

To underpin our ongoing commitment to delivering service excellence, JNJ Group Service’s systems have been accredited to recognised international standards for Safety, Quality, and Environmental Management.


JNJ Group Services is dedicated to a Quality Policy that ensures our products and services fully meet with customer requirements. Our goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. This commitment to our quality assured managerial processes and supporting business systems is essential to realising that goal.

We are committed to operating JNJ Electrics and JNJ Plumbing under the disciplines and all applicable requirements of our Quality Management System, conforming to ISO 9001:2015. We believe in the concept of client and supplier working together in pursuit of continual improvements in quality, in accordance with the principles of this Policy.


JNJ Group Services is committed to a policy of providing high quality products and services in a manner which will protect and improve the environment in all our activities. We will work closely with our clients, contractors, the community, industry, and external agencies to establish the controls by which we can make a positive contribution towards innovative and cost-effective and sustainable environmental outcomes.

Through our management and workers, we will ensure our operations comply with this Policy by developing, implementing, and maintaining systems based on ISO 14001:2015 for both JNJ Electrics and JNJ Plumbing.

Health and Safety

We understand the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment is a major part of our overall responsibilities, and that all workers with management or supervisory responsibilities are personally accountable for the health and safety of workers and visitors in their specific work areas.

JNJ Group Services constantly strives for continual improvement to its system, which is based upon AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 45001:2018.

In conjunction with this Policy, individual safe work procedures, risk assessments and safe work method statements have been prepared by JNJ Electrics and JNJ Plumbing personnel to assist in our collective endeavour of eliminating work related injury and illness.

Detailed Capability Statements for JNJ Electrics and JNJ Plumbing are available on request by email.